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All of our High-Z Model CNC router / routers provide some of the highest torque ratings in the industry. Our mills feature three High-Torque Stepping motors including dual motors on the X-Axis for constant tension and compression during milling operations, 4 channel 2.2 Amp micro step controls, rapid traverse speed and magnetic reference and limit switches on all axis. They also come standard with emergency override stop switches tied into software stops, ground and surface hardened ways and ball bearings at both ends of the spindles. All High-Z Mills come with WIN PCNC or WIN PCNC Light

Advantages of our machines: no belt drive on X-axis, steady power development due to 2 synchronized motors on X-axis. Use of high quality Nylatron Nuts, specially fitting made for the spindles (0,02mm accuracy) with minimum maintenance but maximum precision.


1050 watts milling motor by Kress


Text Box: CNC-Milling Machine HIGH-Z S-1400