Software Section

All presented Software-Options can be used to either operate our machines or to convert data into a suitable format.

Milling software WIN PCNC is controllable with each WIN platform (Vista is coming soon) and includes Plug-ins for 3D scanning etc... It’s available in 9 different languages.

The new version 2 of the very much loved and tested CNC-Controlling Software Win PC-NC is out now and available in 3 different variations.
Reasonably priced beginner's program with direct LPT-control is suitable for typical 2.5D - applications such as engraving, milling of model components, circuit board drilling, etc.
Controller software with direct LPT - control and a huge variety of functions. Besides full suitability for 3D ,  this software is equipped with a great range of additional tools such as tangent-cutting, 4th axis control and extensive import filters.

Complete variety of functions and an absolute suitability for industrial use due to the usage of an external axis-controller for all real-time tasks. Realization of various technological functions for special tasks. Extendable with various adapters, entrance - and exit modules and keypad for teaching comfortably. Plug-in for 3D-digitalisation (3D-scanning) HEIZ High Z CNC Router / Milling machines: Quality at affordable prices Several Software packages are available with the purchase of an instrument. The Win PC-NC Light version is included in the price of an instrument. To upgrade to Win PC-NC Economy or Professional, there is an upgrade fee applicable

Milling software PCNC (2D and 3D) or alternatively WIN PCNC Light is part of delivery scope of each High-Z milling-machine.

We intentionally offer only these two software variants, because they proved and matured in connection with our machines absolutely